The art of materials

Every material has its own possibilities and limits. We always seek to put a material to its best use. Surgical stainless steel is a very strong, flexible, durable material. On top of that it is nickle allergy free. Put to its best use, you can create a fantastic strong and light frame which keep staying put on you face much better than any other light frames. Day after day, after day…

Discreet excellence

Danish design tradition, functionality and strength, simplicity, light elegance. The ultimate comfort: The lightness and elasticity of the frame gives the frame its ultimate feeling of comfort – thus the name ”COMFORT”. You can barely feel it an yet you know that it will stay and do the job. It does not fly away due to the elasticity of the material which makes it stay comfortably on your nose.

The colors

The colors of the Scandinavian daylights inspires us to use mat -sandy and often earthy colors. These colors you can use for any occasions, winter and summer. But of course sometimes we use more joyful and bright colors. Just for the fun of it.

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